Wings No Longer Available

What were the Drone Pilot Wings, anyway? When a pilot or astronaut finishes flight training, they get their pilot wings. Astronauts get astronaut wings. You worked hard to fly your first drone, but where are your wings? Well, I had the only authorized Drone Pilot Wings, and they’re exclusive to! I designed them, and I had them made:
Actual size: 2" wide, wing-tip to wing-tip.
Actual size: 2″ wide, wing-tip to wing-tip. Click to see larger.

OK, but Why?

I wanted to promote safe and responsible use of Drones as a legitimate hobby, as well as useful tools for business, emergencies (such as Search and Rescue support), and photography. Safe and responsible use by the majority reduces the chance of onerous regulation. The wings are a lot classier, more subtle, and frankly cheaper than an “I Are a Drone Pilot” t-shirt. I wanted drone pilots to be proud of what they do, since it will help prompt them to be better, and more responsible, pilots. Thus, no plastic crap! These wings are custom-made exclusively for this site from metal, and then nickel plated for a gorgeous, long-lasting shine. The rear features two butterfly clutches so that when you put them on, they stay straight:
Back side of the wings.
Back side of the wings.
At 2″ wide, they’re large enough to be seen, but not so large that they stick out and dominate your shirt or jacket (or cap) — and the quality is obvious.
"Top" view of wings.
“Top” view of wings — nice and thick!

Then Why Shut Down?

This was a side business, and the main business must come first. Sorry, but while the wings are no longer available, this business is. See this page for details.