Payment Successful, BUT…

Thanks much! We’ll get your order together in a light-weight package so that it can be carried by our drone to the post office and get on its way to you.

READ This Important Note So We Can Send Your Order!

Paypal is not letting most of you add the needed details to your order — the Drone Pilot’s Name and Date of First Flight for the certificate! We need that before we can ship. If Paypal didn’t let you add that directly in your order, please put it here, right now, so we can match it up with your order.

Of course, if you just ordered wings (no certificate), you can ignore this.

Note we do not allow changes to the certificate format except we will add a 14 CFR part 107 FAA certification if you certify here that you have it, as noted in the FAQ. (False representation of certification may be a federal crime.)


Again, thanks for your order, and happy — and safe! — flying.